Subject: Races
From: Beregar (beregar@majik.netti.fi)
Date: Mon Jul 19 1999 - 18:08:48 EEST

Namhas whined that there is no locations where races live. I already sent this file
once but it seems he had little mail problems. These are areas where races which
we currently know live. I have placed h before them to show it's homeland of that
race. There are probably multicultural areas which are not ruled by any single race, like Terennir, but for example council which concists of all races which have major
influence there. In case of Terennir it would probably have humans, elves, (half-el
ves) and dwarves. It would be wise to mention all those races which have MAJOR influence in the area, for example Terennir might have few trolls or vorack but their influence is very little (partially because they don't get along with other races). btw
I have only placed homelands in that file yet.

- Beregar (Beregar@majik.netti.fi)

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