Re: Elves

Subject: Re: Elves
From: Tommi Leino (
Date: Wed Jun 02 1999 - 20:18:43 EEST

Taneli Niko Tikka wrote:
> I took the elves race under design.
> .. going to create some mixture of tolkien, amthor and possibly ad&d and
> other gamewolrd elves.. You can't really change the elves alot, make them
> totally weird or alien.. or they stop being elves =). So some degree of
> 'ripoff' or similarities are expected, thou i try to avoid them as much as
> possible.

Well, do them to be _Elves_ or then don't do Elves at all, do a new race
that are elf-like but aren't elves by name and they may look a little bit
different then.

Tommi Leino / Majik 3D project

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