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>>Ok this is little text it's not grammar checked
>It is now :))  It's a lot easier for me to grammar check stuff than you
>guys, so I thought I'd do it and save Jormap the hassle.
>Trolls are large hairy humanoid type beasts.  They have very long arms
>they can use as forelegs when they need to run fast.  Trolls are usually
>very big and muscular, and covered in short, coarse hair.  Females' hair is
>light-brown, and the males' hair is slightly darker.  A Troll's face is
>basically human, but it seems much uglier and brutal, with sharp teeth, a
>big flat nose and small eyes.  The females are much more muscular than the
>males, and they also have more hair on their bodies. A Troll's natural life
>span is very long, with females living the longest.  It is not unheard of
>troll live as 300 years old, but many die in violent and bloody combat long
>before this.
>Very litle is know about trolls history, mainly because they don't know the
>art of writing, so all that is known about Troll history is heard from the
>mouth of clan shamans.  They preach that when the "flying room" crashed
>somewhere in the North there were some Trolls aboard.  But these trolls had
>thick white hair and most of them stayed in the vast northern snowfields.
>Some of these early trolls started to move south to the slightly warmer
>mountains, nobody knows why. The main population of trolls settled down all
>over the Mountains of Malediction, but trolls have been seen as far south
>Trolls history is filled with bloody clan wars. The biggest war, which is
>said to have killed over 5000 trolls, happened 400 years ago. This war was
>between the clan Draktai and the clan Verdiknah. It happened at the
>Mountains of Malediction and destroyed both clans completely.  These clan
>wars are as much a part of Troll life as eating, and as long as there are
>Trolls in the world then there will be bloody battles.
>Troll gods are very brutal and most of them require blood to be satisfied,
>according to the preachings of the Troll shamans. There are always as many
>gods as clans, every clan having its own god. Nowadays there are three
>Troll clans in the world. The biggest, Bruknahk which has over 500 trolls
>and 7 tribes in it, worships Brah-taar, trollish god of war. The second
>biggest clan is Rekdiktaah which has about 300 trolls in it, and they
>worship Graah the god of death. Third clan is karaak, with 200 trolls to
>their name. They worship Barak the god of night.
>All Trolls are very fanatic worshippers; they do whatever their god tells
>them to do.  Because the shaman is the "Voice of the god" he holds much
>power and influence within the clan. Shaman is the only position which
>can hold in a Troll society.  Evey 50 years the old shaman chooses an
>apprentice and teaches him for ten full years. After that the old shaman is
>sacrificed to his god. This ritual is set out so that the members of his
>tribe eat the old shaman.  Each god is very bloodthirsty and requires
>vicious battles and bloodshed, so when the shaman commands it, the troll
>hunters to go down from mountains and hunt for members of other races.
>Troll society is matriarchal, because the females are much stonger than
>males. The only high position which males can hold is shaman of his clan,
>they cannot be war leaders or chieftains.  Trolls live in tribes, high up
>the mountains.  They sleep in caves, but at nights the Troll females leave
>to get food for her children; the males only get the children's leftovers.
>Usually many tribes which worship the same god live near each other and
>a clan. Clans have their leader which is selected in a ritual bloodbath
>every ten years. Three female Trolls from each tribe can participate in
>bloodbath and the new leader is the last Troll left standing.
>Leader and shaman decide all clan related questions together. Leader
>commands the armies of the clan in wartimes, which is often.
>Quick role-playing tips:
>Trolls should be played as very aggressive and bloodthirsty race. They
>take insults from anyone. If someone insults their god they attack
>immediately. Trolls don't have any kind of morals, which some so called
>"good" races may have, so it's very hard to say beforehand what a Troll
>do next. You should play trolls as a very brutal, powerful and bad-tempered

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