Subject: Races
From: Kim Kunnas (beregar@majik.netti.fi)
Date: Wed Jul 07 1999 - 18:20:00 EEST

> Nah, that's Troll territory.  Eastern Peninsula of Nalor Thaan's gonna be
> our best bet, I reckon.

You are placing Necrolytes in SOUTH? eep, I always thought they are more
northern race. Besides trolls live mainly in the mountains of malediction. I think
no-one lives currently near Yirel (unless that Ice Folk, or whatever they are:).
We could remove whole Yirel from the map and place Necrolytes there,
I think it's quite remote location and also weather there is quite...nice.

btw I placed those fisher people in the Torell because elves live now in Behe
ran, Filas and Hamil. I think they can be removed completelly though. Those
catfolk were placed in Gwelthor before that human tribe which you suggested
McDuff, I just didn't remember to mention that. Maybe they can live both the

- Beregar (Beregar@majik.netti.fi)

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