worldbook and a new designer

Subject: worldbook and a new designer
From: Tommi Leino (
Date: Fri Oct 06 2000 - 11:48:28 EEST

New designer/coder added to the team, Yendor,

Along with that, a new Worldbook editing system is now online. We're using
ZWiki. See it from and edit and add
some pages there! Finally we have a sufficient system for rapidly editing
the worldbook. No longer the documents need to be approved or anything,
you can and should just edit the documents as you wish or add documents
just containing text like "There should be this and that". You don't even
need to care about formatting or spell-checking if you're lazy, someone
else may do it for you if they're bored. Then there is also a button to
see recently changed documents, so you can easily see if anyone has
modified a document, go to read it and be up to date. I'll mail all the
designers their passwords to use the ZWiki. Everyone should begin to look
if they can add anything to the book. Search through the mailing list
archives from and old Worldbook pages from , and

The nameserver for domain may be temporarily down, so please
use address instead.

Tommi Leino <>
Principal Software Specialist, Taika Technologies Ltd.

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