Things decided

Subject: Things decided
From: Kim Kunnas (
Date: Wed May 24 2000 - 01:50:04 EEST

As I said a few months ago, I'm starting to gather all things decided and
put them into worldbook. Instead of reading through n+10 mails in mailing
list (because it has been already done), I want some REAL text. Current
"things decided" consists of only a few lines of text.

I won't try to find that information, it is your task to give me answers
and the text. However, I will collect all available information and ask
questions, if there aren't answers to some questions, then I will mail
them to list so we can discuss about them here. Naturally also other
designers should make questions and suggestions. I'm not sure where I will
place those files but you can be sure that all designers and developers
will be able to read them.

As I have only a month time before my military service starts, I expect to
have some fast replies. However, it doesn't mean that all things should be
done by then - I believe my first three months are quite busy but there
will be breaks when I will check how things have progressed. If there's
not any progress and depending on our development (read coding) situation,
I will see what I can do to "encourage" people.

I hope someone would inform about coding situation. I actually want to
know if it will be worth to start doing these things or not. There has
been quite many people who have shown interest in helping to code, I hope
you would use some of these people if you are too busy to code by
yourself. As I am only a designer, I have no idea what problems this might
cause, if any. Maybe someone could enlighten me in this subject,
developers purhaps?

- Beregar Dar'Eldath

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