weekly update 0.0.5

Subject: weekly update 0.0.5
From: Joshua Corning (hook@majik3d.org)
Date: Wed Jan 19 2000 - 21:12:32 EET

Majik3d Weekly Update for January 12 - 18, 2000

Date - Wed Jan 19 11:38:19 PST 2000
Issue - 0.0.5


1. Status bar grows
2. FTP Fills With Knowledge
3. Start Location of Lamarhen
4. Welcome to Luxem

1. Status bar grows

The status bar has once again grown. This time it has gone from 75% to
90%. We are only 10% away from a sparkling new client. If you want to see
the new updated status bar look here:


2. FTP Fills With Knowledge

Harum put out an ultimatum in response to Hooks request to post design
desc. The response was great. Eleril posted stuff on Lamarhen, Mandor gave
some info on elves, and Beregar went crazy with descs on all sorts of
things. If you have not yet posted work for descs that you have in your
hard drive (or in your head) post it now to the ftp. Anyway the ftp for
design work can be found here:


Be sure to check out all the new stuff the above mentioned have posted.
If you have stuff but don't have a ftp directory e-mail Namhas and request
one. His e-mail address is here:


3. Start Location of Lamarhen

This thing is getting described at a good pace, but it needs more
input. If you have ideas about this location and want to contribute please
do so. Post suggestions criticisms to the design mail thread. The current
state of the Lamarhen desc can be found in hook's and Eleril's ftp
directories here:


and here:


Be warned these files are updated so the name might change with new
versions. i.e. version 0.3 might be 0.4 when you read this so point your
browser accordingly.

4. Welcome to Luxem

We have a new member to our GFX design team. His handle is Luxem, his real
name is Isaiah Kraus and his e-mail is here:


He has posted some cool looking picts and 3d models in his ftp
directory. Check it out I know I was impressed. They can be found here:


Welcome to the team Luxem.

See you next week,



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