From: Otso T Makinen (omakinen@cs.Helsinki.FI)
Date: Thu Jan 13 2000 - 00:54:01 EET

On Wed, 12 Jan 2000, Joshua Corning wrote:

> To all designers,
> please post anything and everything you have written in terms of descs. Do
> it regardless of weather it is complete or incomplete, pre cataclysm or
> post, or even if it hasn't been translated to english. If it is just an
> idea in your head then write a sentace or a paragraph desribing the desc
> that you plan on writting. Be sure to follow the protical for posting
> desc. Put them in the ftp. If you don't have an ftp directory then ask
> namhas for one. If you can't figure out how to post it to your ftp ask for
> help or e-mail it to me and ill post it.  Also after posting it to the ftp
> write an email to the design e-mail stating what you have put in the ftp. 

To emphasize this you will loose your right to your region/race/etc if
there isn't something in ftp after a week from this message, meaning that
anyone can claim your region unless you can provide some material first.
Also, from now on you have to have some initial text ready and in ftp to
claim an area of design to yourself, just stating you will do it is not

It might be a good idea to organize teams for the starting location
design, each with a team leader responsible for their area. These teams
would mainly concentrate on their own area while things relevant to all
locations being discussed mainly through the team leaders, thus lessening
the global debate over minor details.

Otso Makinen / Majik 3D Project

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