Re: Mirror (in summary of things decided)

Subject: Re: Mirror (in summary of things decided)
From: Joshua Corning (
Date: Wed Dec 08 1999 - 00:40:21 EET

On Tue, 7 Dec 1999, Kaoru Shalamberidze wrote:

> I would like to hear it, i liked the story so far. (the story brethel gave
> me).. We are trying to fit other "smaller things in history" into the
> timeline aswell. So if any other designer has timeline-events even the
> personal events of sages or their stories etc.. post something about them
> -m

This is a history time line for the althainions torell and hilosyph. it
starts at "roomcrash" and ends before the cataclysm and the events that
lead up to the cataclysm. it can be found here:

I wrote this awhile ago long before the date on it says. I have been
trying to get ppl to read it for some time in the hopes people would add
their race desc history to it as well.

Joshua 'hook' corning

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