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Date: Mon Sep 27 1999 - 10:03:26 EEST

On Sun, 26 Sep 1999 wrote:

> Then we will see if anyone could see the diference between an human an a
> computer.

That is the difference:

NPC (Majik 3 AI engine): Aberax, the mad astrologer. 

You say in sartog, 'hello aberax.'
Aberax exclaims in sartog, 'hi!'
You ask in sartog, 'so how are you today?'
Aberax says in sartog, 'you tell me how.'
You say in sartog, 'i'm not telling how you should feel.'
Aberax says in sartog, 'dont be so negative.'
You say in sartog, 'i'm not, you're just too stupid.'
Aberax asks in sartog, 'but why be concerned about it?'
Aberax says in sartog, 'you will see it soon..'
You ask in sartog, 'what exactly i will see?'
Aberax says in sartog, 'tell me more.'
You say in sartog, 'i go.'
Aberax says in sartog, 'please go on.'
You say in sartog, 'yes i will.'
Aberax asks in sartog, 'how can you be so sure you will?'
You exclaim in sartog, 'i already did!'
Aberax says in sartog, 'i see.'
You say in sartog, 'bye.'
Aberax exclaims in sartog, 'goodbye!'

PC: Beregar Dar'Eldath, the dark elf adventurer.

You say in sartog, 'hello beregar.'
Beregar says in sartog, 'hi.'
You ask in sartog, 'so how are you today?'
Beregar asks in sartog, 'fine, and you?'
You say in sartog, 'it's a boring day.'
Beregar asks in sartog, 'what's the purpose of this conversation?'
Beregar says in sartog, 'and i have to agree with that.'
You say in sartog, 'i just need this for one mail.'
Beregar says in sartog, 'err, well not actually :).'
Beregar asks in sartog, 'what mail?'
You say in sartog, 'comparing NPC vs. PC :).'
Beregar says in sartog, 'oh...'
You say in sartog, 'but i need to go now.'
Beregar says in sartog, 'well, i bet NPC:s make much more less typos :).'
Beregar exclaims in sartog, 'bye!'
You say in sartog, 'bye.'
Beregar kicks you angrily in the butt.
Beregar grins evilly.

In an online game which is based on interaction it is impossible to
blur the difference. If it would be plain monster killing with no
need for conversation it would work, but not otherwise. In Majik 3
we also had an engine for "learning", that was our Joulupukki. It
was actually quite fun.

Tommi Leino / Majik 3D project

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