Subject: Ideas
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Date: Sat Sep 04 1999 - 00:57:45 EEST

Hi Magjik Development Team

Here are a few ideas. User owned Castles like a order or a family. Members of the Castel have a specail emblem of their castle also one emblem showing their rank in the castle. Also maybe these castles could have a distress spell that is released by a player when he gets dangerously low in health. Also these castles could have quest such as getting monsters or a quest for a special idem or maybe if its a mage Castle order the quest could be to learn and teach magic in the school. The quests for the member could be displayed in a book that is updated by the developement team or by a high ranked mamber or maybe all can add quest to the book or just higher ranking ones. Heres a another idea on the school 
in game teachers preferably non Npc that originate in a school or maybe a castle, like when you gain a level or are to learn a new spell you go to the school to learn the spell by watching the teacher and learning but you dont need to learn all spells this way preferably the harder ones you must learn on your own, there could also be a teacher for about all skills say archery you watch a teacher show you how to aim as well in say a archery range. knight teachers teach you sword skills and help you not to prick yourself. Heres a imagination example. (I imagine a school with a archery range outside. I see a few players practicing archery with their teacher. (possibly more than one teacher for one skill. allowing you still to learn because of not always the same teacher being in the realm at the same times unless your lucky) As well as some players in a room inside the school learning magic. A student has just combined two wrong components and has ignited his teachers beard on fire. (grins) the teacher then conjures up a water spell to quench the fire. And tells the student for not paying attention and messing up a spell. The student must now help out on a farm before he can come back to resume has magic learning. Once you have work hard on a farm you should be more attentive in class.) 

Thanks for your time.
Good luck in your quest for Magik.
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