About magic after cataclysm / Subjects

Subject: About magic after cataclysm / Subjects
From: Sinister Serpent (sinister.serpent@sci.fi)
Date: Fri Nov 26 1999 - 13:05:52 EET

Otso Makinen wrote:
> > > I agree on that. Especially now after the Great Fire when
> > all the mages are hated anyway. Not only people are careful
> > with magic, but so are mages. They do remember what happened
> > to their earlier leaders. So becoming a mage has now (after
> > cataclysm) become harder. I mean it would be hard to find
> > anyone who would like to teach you anything, maybe even all
> > former mages could be somehow insane? If there will be
> > magesocieties, there should be hard tests for anyone who
> > wishes to become a member.
> > > (Lots of mysticism on tests, death as an only punishment
> > for failure?)
> >
> > Cataclysm does not mean that all mages died or went insane,
> > but for sure
> > they became much more careful and decided that they will not just
> > whomever who might be "interested" in magic. So yes, in order
> > to become
> > a mage student one should pass some tests or a quest perhaps(?), but I
> > do not think that death would be commonly used as punishment
> > for failure
> > since why in the hell would all the mages be cruel and evil?
> I think such tests should be left up to first the sages and later the
> mortals. There should be no NPCs teaching the art of magic.

I agree fully.

Btw. CHANGE the subject when it is not proper with text in the mail so
it is easier to sort out mails and delete those that are not particulary
interesting or important. Would save time.
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