6 months days.. and is majik a ball in space.

Subject: 6 months days.. and is majik a ball in space.
From: Taneli Tikka (ttikka@icon.fi)
Date: Sat Jul 03 1999 - 22:02:13 EEST

I think 6m day/night idea isnt so good. But yes, we are creating a whole
new world here, and we dont have to go by ordinary rules. But that 6m
day/night just seems so contrived.. many many logical problems come up
from those long periods of light/warmth and darkness/cold.. all species
living in majik would be very alien to earths similar to be able to
survive.. too contrived.. lets drop it. 

..instead.. how about.. Majik doesnt need to be a globe in space, or not
even a flat world. what if we would make majik to be inside a dyson's
sphere? :) that would simply rock, and would show that gods have nice
sense of humor. Now, inside dyson's sphere there is always day, so all
nights are artificially created. What if we'd make day and night change
every 2 hours.. rapid rotation instead of slow one. Or what ever we'd
like. Insine dyson's sphere there also isnt any seasons.. since the sun
and the spheres inner surface are at the same place and distance at all
times. but seasons could be artificially created with ease. This would
make the world seem normal and all.. but would be a nice suprise for
anyone who'd find out the real nature of the world of majik.. that they
are inside a dyson's sphere =)... 

Ok thats too much science fiction, and even i didnt take that seriously
=P.. but do drop the 6m day/night idea, crap. Or if you like it so much,
why not go for something even more contrived and do it with dyson's
sphere. Or why not with Dirac's ocean? =).. now that would be something.

for those of you who are unaware of terms dyson's sphere and dirac's
ocean.. i'll explain. Dyson's sphere is a giant sphere built around a
star, if built in the right distance you can get earthlike atmosphere all
around its inner surface. The land area suited for life and living is
_huge_ equal to a vast planet thousands of times bigger than earth.
Dirac's ocean is a near-infinite space "compressed" or warped from the
normal space. Like you pick up a small box, open it, and it has a huge
city inside. Or suddenly 5000 people come out of a small car. Dirac's
ocean theoretically is only few micrones thick and can hold insine near
infinite space, depending on the forces warping it in time/space.

id like the idea of using a few oddities from physics in majik. Why not,
makes it more exiting. and magic evidently bends the laws of reality
itself.. anything can be done. and gods are one other thing then..


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