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Subject: region of focus
From: joshua 'hook' corning (
Date: Tue Nov 23 1999 - 03:59:53 EET

Region of focus

I propose that we focus on describing Lamarhen in blinding detail and
this is why.

1. First we need a place to start the game with a fairly good
description of the type of people that live there the type of fauna and
type of climate and so on for players when the game begins.

2. Describing large areas like we have been has left them without a good
idea of what those areas are all about. If we focus on one area we can
get a good idea about all its nooks and crannies. This is not to say
that we throw out what we have already described.

3. Why Lamarhen? because it is a good center for all the other cultures
and regions we have already described. The Elven islands are near by as
well as Nin'calaris and Thasia. Torell is close enough if the Tore'e are
as good of sailors as Beregar and I described. There is also the lands
and peoples of Ghalimcar which if I understand Beregar correctly will
have a dwarf settlement nearby.

4. Because of Lamarhen's location it could have a good mix of species
and races for the players to choose from when the game begins.

5. Eleril has already begun Lamarhen as I understand it with describing
the mountains of Umulin. If we all take a small area we can complete
Lamarhen fairly quickly and from there we can radiate outwards. 

6. Travel in, out and around Lamarhen would be fairly easy for players
because of all the waterways attached to it.

If we do take on my proposal I have some ideas about it.

- Cities should be small under 500 people of course this is for
pre-cataclysm describing. All the cities we make will have been mostly
destroyed at the start of the game 

- We need some monsters. These settlements should be sparse which is not
hard because of the immense size of the map. Make them somewhat isolated
in small clusters. I already have one idea for putting a few small
settlements along the northern coast of the Niral sea that are havens
for pirates. This way monsters can roam in between the different
settlement clusters with impunity in the wild areas and give players a
challenge when they go out into the wilds after the cataclysm.

- Little or no magic. Lets put all the magic that players will obtain
outside of Lamarhen. The only magic in the region should be religious in
nature. But rumors of magic abound like the magic known by the Brahjians
or some in south western Nin'calaris and so on. This gives a good reason
for players to leave the region

- All the gods should be represented. Because of the mix of cultures
found in Lamarhen there should be a good mix of the religions found
here. Temples or at least the rubble of temples should be found here in

- Mix the cultures up. When describing settlements do not make them
homogenous put a few Elves and Tore'e and Brahjians in there as well as
Althainions and Areons and the peoples of Nin'calaris maybe even Orcs

-Put some ruins in there. lets put some pre-cataclysm ruins in the wild
areas. It would be fun for players to explore them even if no magic can
be found there but maybe information can be obtained in these ruins.
Like most of the libraries are destroyed after the cataclysm so players
have to find even older text to replenish the lack of knowledge,
information and history that would normally be found in the cities.

-I have also made a map showing the area encompassed by Lamarhen. This
by no means an official map. It needs Beregar's and whom ever is
describing Nin'calaris approval. Please state any input you have on the
map. It can be found here:

Black areas are considered part of Lamarhen. The white is water either
rivers lakes or salt water bodies. It should be noted that the south
eastern border was made arbitrarily and is welcome for input.

Please post your opinions on all of this.

Joshua 'hook' Corning

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