Re: Stupid questions

Subject: Re: Stupid questions
From: Kim Kunnas (
Date: Tue Nov 16 1999 - 10:36:37 EET

On Tue, 16 Nov 1999, Pekka Toppi wrote:

> Okay, it's time to ask some questions which have prob. been answered
> numerous times. First, what are moon elves and necrolytes? 
> humh... the other things I ment to ask escaped my mind. 
> Anyway, I'd like to start designing Marmundi and Zumal. And if anyone
> hasn't designed a race of lizardmen or draconians or whatever their name
> is/will be, I'd design those too. Marmundi would be their homeland. 
> Pekka Toppi / Mirithil

They are monster races, Malekith is/used to design Necrolytes and
Mandor designs moon elves, ask more from them. 

You have to wait a while, I'm still waiting clarification for 
a few areas from Jormap and Malekith. I recall someone said
something about those areas earlier...

- Beregar Dar'Edalth (

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