Re: Map-shaping

Subject: Re: Map-shaping
From: Jari P Saukkonen (jsaukkon@cs.Helsinki.FI)
Date: Thu Nov 11 1999 - 19:33:10 EET

On 11 Nov 1999, Mikkonen Jani wrote:

> Allright, when I'm not busy with my rl-doings and I have gathered all the
> information/maps
> I need, I add/remove some islands/isles to/from worldmap and maybe make one
> peninsula there and another there, you'll see

At some point we will also need a height map for our world. The current
worldmap describes the terrain types but does not include any information
on the height from sea level (apart from general "mountains" etc).

What we need is a grayscale map-sized image, where white is maximum
height (highest mountain) and black is minimum height (deepest sea). 
From it we can generate height changes in more detail over the land and
sea bottom. A predefined intensity (maybe 33% white or something) should
be considered as sea-level. Everything brighter is above, and darker

++ Dazzt

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