points to ponder...

Subject: points to ponder...
From: McDuff (mcduff@iname.com)
Date: Thu Jun 24 1999 - 00:51:37 EEST

Firstly, attached is the first draft of "Life and Death."  Can everyone read
and send suggestions (especially Yorkaturr, does the bit about storming the
overworld agree with everything or do I need to take it out).  The "Death"
character does not need to be a "god" character, it would work as being a PC
who turns up when a player dies.  If a designer wanted the role, it might be
interesting to play, but a bugger to code!

Secondly, as I'm still doing textures, I need people to give me information
as to what types of trees & undergrowth textures are required.  At the
moment, it could go a number of ways:

Firstly, the objects are really simple, coded dynamically.  Eg, trees would
be a cylinder and either a sphere or a cone, and the lengths, heights etc
would be changes to incorporate growth, different species etc, like with
animals.  The textures would be of branches & leaves and stuff, and there
would possibly be bump-maps to make a bit more realism.

The second option is that we get all the 3D designers working on models for
all trees, bushes, shrubs etc.  These would be more realistic, and the
textures would be a bit easier.  However, the 3D designers might object to
having to produce (by my estimate) 40-50 complicated models.  But this is
certainly an option, and if we have the time and the talent (I can do a bit
in 3DSMax, but I'm not going to do all of them!!) then the only other
constraint would be memory, and the coders will have to tell us about that.

Next - water.  I have put the textures on hold for now, but there needs to
be some sort of decision reached over the next month or so as to what we are
going to do about that?  Are we going "real world" and coding it as a
liquid.  If we have a "liquid" system in majik it could be used for all
kinds of effects, however as players of Quake will know, the "water volume"
can be used for fantastic effects, and would probably be easier to code.  I
am assuming that characters will be able to swim and drown in Majik.

All of these are suggestions and ideas.  Anyone can feel free to contradict
me if they want, make new suggestions, add comments and ideas.  As long as I
know in time to do the relevant textures.


PS  Included is the "terrain status.txt"  If you think that any new or
different textures need to be added, or if you don't think that the one I've
done is very good, can you make the amendments and mail me.  Cheers.

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