species & races?

Subject: species & races?
From: joshua 'akix' corning (hook@u.washington.edu)
Date: Wed Sep 22 1999 - 11:25:37 EEST

Are elves orcs dwarves humans etc. considered the same species?

I mean can all sentient species cross bread? I know Eleril is making a
dwarf/elf race so i assume dwarves and elves can and that in the
original Torell text Beregar had half-elves in it. I took the half-elves
out though because they were dark elves and the Tore'e (humans) 
distrust them so cross breeding would not accure, not because it was
biologically impossible. I also know that there is a cat-people race.
can they bread with humans? Or are they a different species and not just
a race?

please post your opinions on this. It needs to be worked out. 

Joshua 'Akix'

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