opps sorry Eleril

Subject: opps sorry Eleril
From: joshua 'akix' corning (hook@u.washington.edu)
Date: Tue Sep 21 1999 - 14:02:35 EEST

 I thought you were a world designer not a graphics guy. i just looked
at the team web page and saw your name under graphic design. Anyway
thats why i suggested you design race/region desc's. But its cool you
can still make race region descs i don't mind and i don't think anyone
else will care. anyway if you don't want to do race/region descs i have
a few things you could model. First there are giant floating islands
with castles on them in althainon read the text on the design posts to
get a better description. Also i have goblins in Torell that would be
cool to have modeled a better description is there as well. Other then
that the sky is the limit. Just think of something that you would find
in a world and model it.

Joshua 'akix'

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