Torell and Dark elf relations

Subject: Torell and Dark elf relations
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Date: Wed Sep 01 1999 - 09:28:39 EEST


	This is what i have come up with for the relationship and history of
the Torell people. It is rough mind you needing typo fixes and sentice
revisions. Please tell me what you like and don't like particularly your
input on the time frame which I feel you should have final say. Oh yeah
i place the slave rebellion roughly 300 years ago.

Their ancestral lineage originates with the peoples of Thalamon. They
came to Torell with the dark elves during their great hundred year
migration to Lanuin over a two thousand years ago. The small tribe of
the then Thalamon people started out as laborers and servants helping
the elves cross the wilds of Minartan but as generations of the human
tribe came and went and through constant swindling by the dark elves
they slowly became slaves to them. When they reached Lanuin the human
tribe had grown in size but had lost all their freedom. Time passed on
Lanuin and the dark elves aversion to human contact led them to become
absent masters. The humans were given more quarter in their daily lives
and allowed to worship their own gods slave master their own people
everything so long as the dark elves did not have to look at them. It
was at this time that the torellians began to master their sea manship
skills being given the responsibility of sailing trade ships to the main
land and the elven kingdoms to the south. Slowly discontent festered in
the ranks of the humans and when the elves, whos' perception of time is
slightly askew, finally began to tighten their grip it was to late. The
humans rose up and a bloody slave rebellion soaked the soil of Lanuin
red. The war lasted for ten years and casualties where high, nearly half
of the elf and human populations being killed. A peace was found when
the humans sacked the elves precious capital city.  The humans were
given the wild lands of Torell and three magical sea clocks that keep
perfect time. Since that time no Tore'e has set foot on Lanuin and no
elf Zrei'gu'aiuo or otherwise has been allowed upon Torell.

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