Subject: Suggestion
From: Beregar (
Date: Fri Aug 06 1999 - 21:02:23 EEST

I have a suggestion...or more like a request. All those who are making a race should
also make their homelands, this might seem obvious, but we (me and McDuff) alrea dy started to make "Regions in Short" file which was quite stupid. So for example
when i make Brahjians and they live in Ghalimcar desert, I have to also make descs
for Ghalimcar desert and when Mandor is making elves who live in both Sol'Daran
and Beheran, he must make those areas (or get so meone else to make them). When
we have everything ready we will gather everything to larger files.

Regions should include at least following things:

Short Description

 As Namhas wrote short desc should give overall description of
 the area. Please be true to map terrain when descriping nature.
 (though i suppose map can be changed too)


 Climate in the area, you can use either the one in my climate
 desc (i don't recommend) or make own. We should make climates
 quite similar in close areas.

Other Descriptions

 Other desc are for example following things:

 - extended area/climate desc
 - history of the area
 - sentinent races
 - resources
 - flora
 - fauna
 - landmarks, monuments, cities etc

 I think these are quite self explanotary. Landmarks will ease
 players to recognize areas, monuments might be some ruins of an
 cient city etc. Cities should contain list of villages, cities
 town..everything which is build by somebody. I (or somebody el
 se) will later later gather all flora, fauna and resources to
 larger lists so they are required. History of area is quite im
 portant too, has anything significant happened in area? like ar
 rival/birth of race, cataclysm, magical event.

 Use imagination when you make titles but remember that everyone
 should have same titles then. I'll require at least resource,
 flora, fauna lists (probably history too).

Area map

 This would be nice to have. It doesn't have to be very detailed
 or it could be a capture from our larger map.

Everything I mentioned here should be in one file from where they can be easily cut
or copied out. I think for example short desc or climate desc should be cut out from
the file and long desc have more detailed versions of those...but it's your decission.
If people don't sign on this list in a week (ot they take only few races/places) i'll send
a mail to majik-users and recruit designers from there.

I attached here a list where are most of the regions. If you want add more feel free to make so and send list back to me. I have placed name of race where there is one and creator of that race after it that creator is responsible for creation of previosly listed
things and if he's not willing to make them, then he must reqruit someone to do them.
If you don't want name of you race revealed place *hidden* in it. I'll send also my
weather descs, as I said you can use them but I suggest you make new ones.


P.S. Hopefully this mail isn't too badly messed up

Regions to Desc

r = reserved

- Arctic 
  - Western Mals (Ice Elves - Mandor)
  - Zimr  
  - Mal Tikh 
  - Barren Isles and Northern Minartan 
  - Mal Yirith (Necrolytes - Malekith)
  - Myrrgor, Skalvind & Erythia
  - Mountains of the Malediction (trolls - Jormap)
- Minartan
  - Sol'daran 
  r Western isles (*hidden* - Beregar)
  - Terrenir 
  - Meral & Gwaelmar (Dwarves)
    - Chain of the Sledgehammer
    - Puce Mountains
  - Chain of Eldhelomin 
  - Thalamon 
    - Tacit Forest 
    - Prairie of Dhyrin  
    - Lake Lokhmar 
    - Groaning Forest 
  - Dethzael 
    - Skyghaim
    - Mountains of Eclipse
    - Swamp of Enmity
  - Dardalon
    - Swamp of Pelnor
    - Covewood Mountains 
  - Eastern Minartan Isles
    - Lanuin (Dark Elves - Mandor)
    r Torell - (Fisher People - Beregar)
    - The Reef Isles
    - Beheran, Filas and Hamil (High Elves - Mandor)

- Central Waters 
  - Sea of Tears
  - Quiet Sea (Sea Elves - Mandor)
    - Isles of Vram
    - Nemen
  - Sea of Niral
  - Vestian

- Voran
  - Black Waste
    - Tulmarun
    - Ur Alif (Djasim)
    - Estrean
  - Mantle Mountains
  - Nalor Thaan
  - Marmundi
  - Ominous Ocean and Sea of Tailwind
    - Gean

- Eldiron
  r Ghalimcar 
    r Desert of Brahjian (Brahjian - Beregar)
    r Chain of Bared
    r Chain of Harand
    r Zamurdi
  - Thasia & Lamarhen
    - Pristine Forest
    - Mountains of Umalin
    - Lamarhen Lakes
      - Azure Lakes
      - Lake of Memories
  - Gwelthor 
  - Valiar & Areon
  - Nin'calaris & Danheir
  - Tragothar & Althainon (Orcs - ?)
    - Waste of Burning Ash
    - Gorr
    - Cawing Mountains
    - Pumice Mountains
  - Sea of Flames
  - Sea of Tranis
    - Crescent Isles
    r Osthel (Osthelian Pixies - Beregar)
  - Grey Ocean
  - Outer Sea
    - Borak
1 Arctic 
  1.1 Western Mals & Zimr  
  1.2 Mal Tikh 
  1.3 Barren Isles and Northern Minartan 
  1.4 Mal Yirith 
  1.5 Myrrgor, Skalvind & Erythia
  1.6 Mountains of the Malediction 
2 Minartan
  2.1 Sol'daran and islands to west 
  2.2 Terrenir 
  2.3 Meral & Gwaelmar 
  2.4 Chain of Eldhelomin 
  2.5 Thalamon 
  2.6 Dethzael 
  2.7 Dardalon
  2.8 Eastern Minartan Isles

3 Central Waters 
  3.1 Sea of Tears
  3.2 Quiet Sea 
  3.3 Sea of Niral & Vestian

4 Voran
  4.1 Black Waste
  4.2 Mantle Mountains
  4.3 Nalor Thaan
  4.4 Marmundi
  4.5 Ominous Ocean and Sea of Tailwind

5 Eldiron
  5.0 Ghalimcar
  5.1 Thasia & Lamarhen
  5.2 Gwelthor 
  5.3 Valiar & Areon
  5.4 Nin'calaris & Danheir
  5.5 Tragothar & Althainon 
  5.6 Sea of Flames
  5.7 Sea of Tranis
  5.8 Grey Ocean
  5.9 Outer Sea


Arctic is a large mostly homogeneous area in climatic terms which consists of northern parts of Mi
nartan, Western Mals, Zimr, Mal Tikh and the Barren Isles. Common for whole arctic is very cold 
climate and weather which stays unchangeable in large areas. Temperatures in the glaciers vary bet
ween -32 and -70 degrees. Generally areas which have sea climate has smaller temperature changes 
between summer and winter but they tend to be warmer than those areas with continental climate. 
Northern parts have very clear weather because of lack of clouds but southern parts tend to be un
der constant rain, sleet and/or snowstorms. 

1.1 Western Mals & Zimr

Western Mals consists of everything north of the Sea of Berain and west from the Sea of Ghaan. Be
cause of the sea, the temperature remains colder than in the Eastern Arctic. Average temperature 
in glaciers remains between -42 in midsummer and -50 in midwinter but gets warmer in tundra where
at least two summer months have average temperature over 10 degrees.

In north snowfall remains below 100mm in the whole year which makes glaciers small and thin, but 
closer to the enchanted area the amount of rainfall grows vastly to the point where only three sum
mer months have any chances for dry days. Mal Aidel has an especially thin and clear glacier due 
the underwater volcano which melts the glacier in the south and breaks it in the smaller pieces 
which flow towards Mal Yargoth and Mal tikh with current.

Storms and rain are almost daily occurrences in the border of the Arctic and enchanted area which
generally means the southern parts of Isles of Mal Yei and Zimr. Heavy winds are most common in 
winter, especially in the Sea of Berain, southern parts of Isles of Mal Yei, Mal Aidel, Mal Ishua
northern Zimr, coasts of Mal Yargoth and eastern coast of Mal Gatayi. Otherwise Northern parts 
tend to have calm standing and clear weather.

1.2 Mal Tikh

Mal Tikh is situated in the sea of Ghaan between the land of the trolls and the land of the ice el
ves. It has dry cold sea climate and bitter bitter winds which blow towards south. The northern si
de is absolutely inpenetrable - the winds kill all who try and venture beyond the midpoint of the
island. Average temperature in the area varies between -35 and -47 though it often feels much col
der because of heavy winds. As in other glacier areas, weather in Mal Tikh tends to be very clear
and dry.

1.3 Barren Isles

Barren isles are glacier isles located in north from Minartans arctic areas. They are surrounded
by strong current caused by small high-pressure area that resides in the isles. This high-pressu 
re area causes heavy winds which breaks glacier around the isles preventing them from connecting
with other parts of minartans northern arctic. Because of this, the sea around the isles if full 
of both small and large icebergs which current moves in circular motion around the isles. Winds 
and northern location keeps temperature very low ranging from -45 to -56. 

1.4 Mal Yirith

Mal Yirith is source of most northern winds which cause rains in Thalamon, Pelnor and other parts
of Minartan. Weather in Mal Yirith is very cold and windy especially in southern tundras. Snow 
storms are not uncommon in Mal Yirith though southern parts tend to have larger snowfall than nort 
hern parts which are located quite far from warm southern areas. Besides Myrrgor and Skalvind, Mal 
Yirith is only area which has natural phenomenon called white tornado which are also much more 
stronger than in previous places. Because of continental climate temperature in the area varies ve
ry much between summer and winter - average temperature in glaciers is usually -32 in summer but 
raises over -60 in winter. In southern tundras temperature varies between +5 and -34. Winds and
snow tend to be very strong in winter when temperature difference between southern Minartan and 
Mal yirith is largest.

1.5 Myrrgor, Skalvind & Erythia

Myrrgor, Skalvind and Erythia are home of three weak high-pressure areas which separated from each
others by frozen rivers. Small pressure differences between these areas cause winds in their bor
ders and they are main reason for white tornadoes which sometimes travel along the river lines Be
cause of Arctic continental climate weather changes between summer and winter are larger than in
the western mals also winters tend to be colder. However southern location gives this area more 
higher average temperature than in the mals. Temperature in these areas changes between -32 and 
-64 degrees. 

Winds lack power of those in Mal Yirith because mountains of the malediction keep cold air separa
ted from warm southern areas. Winds are especially weak in the central parts of Myrrgor, Skalvind
and Erythia because they are in the centre of these pressure areas. Only areas which have heavy
winds and storms are mountains of the malediction and pass between Myrrgor and Dhyrin. 

Snowfall is more common in the area than other glaciers but still smaller than in the Mal Yirith.
It is most frequent near the southern parts large rivers and mountains of the maledictions, other
wise climate is too dry for any snowfall. 

1.6 Mountains of the Malediction

Mountains of the Maledictions are long very high mountain chain which separates arctic areas Myrr
gor, Skalvind and Erythia from rest of the continent. Weather in the mountains is known to be very 
cold and northern slopes of the mountains have often heavy snowstorms because of adequate snowfall 
which has covered northern slopes in thick snowy layer. However when mountains reach point where
clouds are below them weather changes even more freezing and windy but snowlayer grows very thin 
because of drynes of the air. Slopes facing southern Minartan tend to be very stormy and windy li
ke the northern slopes but those storms are thunderstorms which have almost no rain making sout
hern slopes pale because of lack of vegetation. Temperature in the northern slopes varies between
-43 and -58, temperature drops even more freezing in higher varying between -52 and -78 but raises
warmer in southern slopes where it changes between -32 and -9.


Minartan is a large continent which has wide variety of different weather types. Western parts are 
inhabitated by wood elves who have created magical field that allows them to control weather in 
Sol'Daran area. Western sea seems to be affected by this magical field for it is enveloped in ever
lasting fog. Terennir area is still partially affected by magical field which is reason for its 
mild, rainy weather. Meral has warm sub-tropical climate and Zimr has very stormy, windy and cold 
tundra climate. Eastern parts of Minartan have mainly cold, sub-polar climate in north but tempera
ture grows steadfastly warmer in south and Pelnor and southern parts of Terennir have already hot
tropical climate. Temperature in the whole area varies between -35 and 45 degrees.

2.1 Sol'Daran & Western isles

Just below the mountains of solace and the west from chain of Eldhelomin there is a large enhanted 
weather area which covers the Elven lands and the islands in the west side of continent. Elven 
Druids keep weather in this area calm and hospitable, changing the weather by adjusting the flow 
of magic throughout the atmosphere, according to the needs of the land and people. 

It is often very difficult to predict weather unless you have enviromental knowledge. Druids keep
average temperature usually close to 15 degrees in winter and 25 degrees in summer. Storms and hea
vy winds are rare, but rainfall is quite common in the Elven lands. Rain and winds are rare in wes
tern Sea of Tears, which is covered by an eternal fog, though islands on the sea tend to escape 
the fog and, although colder than in Sol'Daran, have fairly temperate climate. 

2.2 Terennir

Terennir is located southeast from the elven lands. Although it doesn't belong to areas where el
ven druids control weather it is still partially affected by same magical field. Because no-one 
controls remnants of field in the area it ocassionally tends to cause some very unpredictable 
changes in weather and enviroment. 

Normally weather in the area is very warm and humid, although not as warm as in the Pelnor area. 
However magical field has sometimes sort of magical "turbulences" which can quickly change weather
in small areas, bright summer day may suddenly turn to snow storm or one area may have 30 degrees
temperature and sun shigning and another area few meters away from it -20 degrees and hailstorm. 
These oddities affect not only weather in there area but also wildlife and plants for example sud
den magical tornado can travel through area and turn all rocks to flowers. However these oddities
are quite rare and usually weather remains in its normal humid rainy state. Average temperature va
ries normally between 10-30 in summer months and between (-3)-18 in winter months.

2.3 Meral & Gwaelmar

Meral is quite similar to Terennir, but Sol'Darans magical field has no effect here meaning that 
although weather is normally more changable it lacks magical oddities. Mountains shelter Meral ef
ficiently from heavy winds resulting drier summers and wetter winters: rainfall is under 30mm in 
midsummer and over 90mm in midwinter. Average temperature in winter is cooler than in Terennir, 
varying between -5 to 12, although summers are warmer, with the average temperature being 30. 

Gwaelmar region is close to Pelnor area making it sub-tropical area. Gwaelmar is mostly dominated
by mountains and highlands. Eastern slopes of these mountains have very high rainfall because of
monsone. Because these mountains are very high these rains turn eventually snow and that's why 
Chain of sledgehammer has one of the most thickest snow cover in the Majik. Southern parts of moun
tains as well as those facing towards Thalamon have often strong storms which makes them quite dan 
gerous to across and many travellers prefer to try "the Great pass" which is located in northern
parts of Meral and Gwaelmar. Temperature in the eastern Gwaelmar remain always between 20-30 deg
rees but drops quickly to -10-(-25) in high mountains. 

Meral and Gwaelmar has one area which has completely different weather from all other parts and it
is the great mountain lake, Gwaelfjir. This large lake is situated 600 feet above sea level and is 
surrounded on all sides by the sledgehammer peaks. Weather in the area remains clear and sunny 3/4 
of the year and then suddenly turns to extremely wet and rainy in early autumn. Most rain appears
either as snow or sleet which quickly raises water level of the lake causing floods in Meral. Ave
rage temperature in the area varies between -20 in winter to 8 in summer and early autumn.

2.4 Chain of Edhelomin

Chain of Edhelomin is a mountain chain located between Sol'Daran and Thalamon. Weather in these 
mountains changes often. Northern and eastern slopes have cool rainy weather, weather in western 
slopes is still partially under field which controls weather in elven lands and weather in there 
remains usually quite warm and humid as well in the southern parts which are located in Terennir
area. Unfortunately this all ends higher in the mountains when all previous weather mix together 
causing very unstable quickly changing weather. Weather in the high mountains can be first sunny 
and then suddenly turn to raging wind, snow, thunder or rainstorm, also temperature changes are 
large between summer and winter varying between 18 and -35 even in the highest peaks. 

In winter mountains have thick layer of snow except in most southern parts because of frequent 
snowfall but this usually changes in summer when rain and warm weather melts snow in all but the
most northern regions making rivers running to lake of thoughts flood. Eldhelomin area has very 
high residual energy and it's air is filled with tiny reddish particles from red stone of the 
mountains which heavy winds raise in the air. These two things together cause air, as well as, 
storms, lightnings, rain and snow in the mountain have blood red color.

2.5 Thalamon

Weather in the dense Tacit Forest is always wet and stormy, with strong winds and heavy rain being 
the main cause of the thick leaved, tough evergreens flourishing so famously in this area. Not on
ly the Tacit forest has this cold, wet climate, Delgrain as well as the northern faces of Eldhelo
min and the Great Lake are also subject to this weather. Average temperature in the north western
parts is under -10 in the coldest winter month and over 10 in the warmest summer month. 

Weather in prairie of Dhyrin is quite opposite to Tacit Forest. Although they are located next to
eachothers Prairie has very small rainfall. There are two reason for this, first is the Mountains
of Malediction which prevent cold air from entering north and thus heavy winds and second, which
is direct concecuence for this, is standing high pressure which causes rains in areas around the
prairie but makes prairie itself dry. Because of it's northern location temperature in Dhyrin is
quite low - average temperature varies between 15 degrees in summer and -18 in winter.

Weather around the lake of Lokhmar is quite wet and temperate, and rainfall increases further 
south. The climate eventually turns milder and the most southern parts or Minartan it is sub-tropi
cal. Average temperatures in summer grows steadfastly from 18 near the lakes to over 30 near Darda
lon and Pelnor. Large forest and plains areas located southwest and west from Lake Lokhmar have 
fertile humid climate because the north wind meets the southern monsoon in the summer and cause ex
tremely heavy rains and storms. However weather in winter is much calmer because the mon soon mo
ves southwards towards Pelnor. Average temperature in winter varies from -15 near the lakes to 18
near Dardalon and Pelnor.

2.6 Dethzael

Weather in Skyghaim is very cold all around the year, with the temperature in the western parts 
sneaking above 10 celcius only for four months in the middle of summer. In the northeastern parts
of Skyghaim the temperature rarely rises above 10 celcius, even in midsummer which is reason for
it's tundra terrain. Weather is windy and thunder storms are frequent all around the year but only
the coastal region has any significant rainfall, due to the nearby ocean. 

Weather in middle parts of Dehzael, especially in the Swamp of Enmity, is very wet and temperate.
Dethzael is located in weatherly very unstable area: winds blowing from west carry wet air from la
ke Lokhmar, from north breezes north wind which carries cold dry air, strong mountain winds carry
wet air from the large lake and finally mountains of eclipse block passage of both west and north
winds. All these together are reason for heavy rains and storms which reside in the area. Average
temperature in the area varies between -15 in winter to 18 in summer though it often feels colder
because of frequent rains and strong winds.

Northern and northwestern slopes of Mountains of Eclipse and especially large lake inside the moun
tains are centre of these rains. Not only mountains are meeting place of all previously mentioned
winds but it is also affected by winds blowing from the Gray Ocean.

2.7 Dardalon

Dardalon has warm sub-tropical climate which has caused its fertile enviroment. Mountains in Darda
lon's west side shelter eastern part of it from violent weather, although there is still a fair 
amount of rain near the coast. In these parts weather is sunny and warm most of the year which 
grants Dardalon long growing period. Pelnor and its surrounding area however are one of the most 
humid areas in world. Large rivers run through it, and the nearby sea causes heavy rains almost 
daily in the area. The monsoon is very active in the Pelnor region and causes heavy rains all 
around the year. Monsoon rains are especially strong in the summer when winds breezes from the 
sea. Average temperature in Dardalon varies between 18 to 30 though it rarely drops below 25 in 
southern jungle region.

2.8 Eastern Minartan Isles

Weather in the northern of eastern isles, Lanuin, is quite cold and windy but it's still usually 
sunny whole summer. However winter in Lanuin is very cold and heavy sleet and snow storms are fre
quent. Lightnings crack skies even in winter and heavy hurricane winds blow over the isle making 
weather very unhospitable. Hail storms approaching from north often carry large boulders of ice 
even to the southern parts of the isle. Average temperature in the Lanuin varies between -12 in 
winter to 18 in summer.

Torell is smaller forest island located south-east from Lanuin. Weather in Torell is cold and win
dy all around the year but is slightly less stormy than in Lanuin. However summers are more rainy
and warmer than in Lanuin which is probably main reason for existance of Deciduous forests. While
weather in Torell is still windy it is mostly sheltered from northern winds by Lanuin which makes
winds more calmer in winter. Average temperature in Torell varies between -7 in winter to 24 in 

The Reef isles, Beheran, Filas and Hamil are southernmost of the Eastern Minartan isles. Weather
in all these isles is familiar to each other and generally is much more warmer and humid than in 
Lanuin and Torell but it is more changeable through the year. Winter and spring have more sunnier
days than in autumn and summer. Temperature in the isles is kept fairly even by the sea, and rare
ly drops below 10 in the winter though it doesn't go much higher than 20 in summer. The strong 
winds, especially from the north, keep the temperature lower than on the main continent. 


Central waters concists of large sea areas between Minartan, Voran and Eldiron. Sea of Tears and 
western parts of Quiet Sea have very different weather from eastern Quiet Sea and Sea of Niral. 
Western parts have warm and rainy weather which is very stable having only weak winds or no winds
at all. Then again Eastern parts, while they are also warm, have extremely strong storms and hea
vy winds due the monsone weather. Temperature in the area varies between 10 and 60 degrees.

3.1 Sea of Tears

Sea of Tears has tropical warm sea climate and thus one would believe it has also strong storms, 
however this is not the case. Weather in the sea and in the surrounding regions tends to be very
rainy and also quite still. Often whole sea is covered in dense fog which sails from northwestern
islands to wards Quiet sea where it dissipates. Previously mentioned rain is caused by large low
pressure area that forms each night in the area when sea water keeps temperature warmer than in 
the surrounding continets. This causes winds which send rainclouds travelling in circular motion 
around the sea. Rains starts usually very quickly aftern sun decents and but withdraws in nort
hern Voran and Quiet sea giving room for approaching fog which covers sea from sunrise to dawn. 
Rain has one speciality which is reason for the name of the sea, raindrops, which are very large
and drop sparsely which makes it look almost as if the gods themselves are crying. Average tempe 
rature in the sea, Nemen, and other isles remains above 25 degrees through the year. 

3.2 Quiet Sea

Quiet sea is located between Sea of Tears and Sea of Niral. Western part of the sea has same calm
warm rainy weather as in the Sea of Tears with lack of night fog as exception. Water in the Quiet
sea tends to be slightly cooler than in both Sea of Tears and Sea of Niral because of many abys
ses. This causes more rains in the west near Sea of Tears especially in midday but it also makes
middle parts of Quiet sea very still, almost completelly unwindy. Temperature in this area usual 
ly varies between 18 and 25 degrees. 

This all changes in the eastside of Isles of Vram where waters of Quiet sea mix with waters of Sea
of Niral. Isles of Vram are located in the climate buffet familiar to one between Sol'Daran and 
Arctic. However here two tropical weather front mixes with eachother making weather very hot and
very unstable. Weather ranges from sunshine to raging thunderstorms and from windless to hurricane 
winds. Isles of Vram have one of the largest daily temperature differences in Majik, generally
weather remains cooler when winds breeze from west or weather remains still and hotter when winds
breeze from east or while stormy. Temperature in the isles varies from 25 to over 52 each day. 
Winters tend to be more warmer and stormy in eastern parts than summers.

3.3 Sea of Niral & Vestian

Sea of Niral is a shallow and narrow sea area located between Pelnor and Ghalimcar. Weather in the
sea is very wild and stormy most of the year. Niral is located directly in the area where winter 
monsone causes heavy rains and hurricanes. Cyclones and tornados are very common in the Niral area 
especially in winter when temperature difference between Niral and surrounding seas is most lar
gest and when winter monsone breezes from continents towards sea. Because Niral is shallow it both 
warms and cools quickly though because of southern location temperature in the sea and surrounding 
areas varies between 25 and 40 degrees. 


Voran is smallest continent in Majik. It concists of Marmundi in north, Tulmarun waste in middle 
and Naloor Thaan in south. Also two large isles, Djasim and Estrean, which have broken off from 
main continent belong to Voran area. Voran's most mysterious area is Black Waste which concists 
of Tulmarun, northern Djasim and southern Estrean. This area is under magical field which keeps 
weather in the area very hot and its high residentual energy is reason for dry lightning storms 
which are very frequent in the wastes. Marmundi and northern Estrean have humid jungles which are 
fed by rains approaching from the sea. Naloor Thaan and southern Djasim have warm and rainy savan 
nah climate. Temperature in the area varies between -10 (in mountains) to over 70 degrees.  

4.1 Black Waste

Voran's Black waste is the most desolate place in Majik. It's the result of a strong magical field
but unlike the field in Sol'daran which keeps the area humid and fertile, the life has been sucked
and burned out of this area. The Black waste consists of three separate areas: Tulmarun on the 
main continental mass of Voran, Ur Alif on the island of Djasim, and Estrean, the southern tip of 
the volcanic island of Vrammal. 

Because of the high residual energy in the air, the weather in the Black Waste varies between ba
king heat and "Dry Lightning" thunderstorms of violent ferocity but no rain, caused by a mass of 
boiling black cloud which moves around the skies of the Black Waste. Temperature can sometimes 
reach 70 in some parts of the region but usyally remains "only" in 50 degrees.

However part of the Djasim and Estrean have avoided effect of magical field. Southern parts of Dja
sim have quite average rainfall because of winds carrying wet air from Sea of Tailwind though sun
shines most of the year making climate quite dry. Temperature remains usually above 25 degrees who
le year. Northern parts of Estrean are located in same climate buffet as Isles of Vram which makes
weather very unstable and humid. Temperature in the northern estrean remains always above 30 deg

4.2 Mantle Mountains

Mantle mountains are located in western part of Voran. These mountains are quite low which makes
weather warm and hot. Rain appears only in short autumn period in the valley of Eldacait which is
surrounded by the mountains. Mountains in the Marmundi area are only places which have high rain
fall because of closeness of Sea of Tears. Violent thunderstorms are common in the those parts fa
cing Tulmarun. Temperature in the mountains remains above 30 degrees and only Eldacait valley has
cooler temperature varying between 20 and 45 degrees. 

4.3 Naloor Thaan 

Maloor Thaan is located south from Turmalun. Its northern savannah and lush deciduous forests are
protected from heat of Black Waste by nearby sea and large lake which both raises winds that carry
warm damp air in the area. Southern parts are heated by large volcano which keeps temperature in 
the area very hot. Wastes of Thjarr and areas around the volcano have often heavy lightning storms
and black rain which is caused by ash coming from the volcano. Temperature in the northern parts
remains above 20 and in southern waste over 35 degrees. However northeastern mountains are very 
high and are one reason for rains that reside in the area. This rain appears as water in lower 
areas but turns to snow in higher. Temperature in the lower slopes stays in 20 degrees but quickly
drops below -10 degrees in the higher.

4.4 Marmundi

Marmundi is a lush, warm, tropical area located in southern parts of Voran. Weather in the area re
mains rainy all around the year because rains arriving from Sea of Tears. These rains appear as 
soon as sun raises and flow slowly towards southern regions where they dissipate when sun decents.
Nights in the northern Marmundi are very hot and weather is standing and clear. This area has only 
weak winds that breeze from sea of Tears towards Tulmarun. 

Southern parts have less rainfall than northern parts because slowly moving rain clouds usually ha
ve already emptied themselves in the jungles. Magical field in Black waste prevents clouds from en
tering there and they usually remain in southern Marmundi whole night and dissipate when sun has 
arosen. Days in the southern region are very calm and weather is clear. Average temperature in Mar
mundi remains above 30 deg rees most of the year and raises even higher near Tulmarun. Summers and
winters don't have any difference in the Marmundi area.

4.5 Omnious Ocean and Sea of Tailwind

Omnious ocean is large body of water in southwestern part of Majik. The Ocean is very deep and its
waters dark cold when compated to other southern seas. Temperature differences between Sea of Tail
wind and Naloor Thaan makes weather in Ocean stormy. The ocean is always covered with dark sinis
ter storm clouds which are caused by ash coming from Thjarr and Gorr areas. Lightnings split skie
often and black rain makes Ocean very unpopular and dangerous area. Average temperature in the 
Ocean remains under 18 degrees around the year because of eternal dark clouds which prevent sun 
from war ming the water. Omnious ocean is known of its whirlpools which can sink all ships that 
sail in the sea. 

From this dark gloomy area island of Gean raises like a beacon of light. Clouds cover above the is
land and its surrounding waters has crack which allows sun shine directly in the isle. Gean con
cists of spongy white basalt which is filled with water. This water both stores warmth and ref
lects most of light in the surroundings. Weather in the isle remains always warm and gentle winds
prevent it from being too hot. Rain is rare and when it appears it is warm and gentle. Average tem
perature in the isle varies between 18 and 24 degrees.

Sea of Tailwind is shallow water area between Voran and Eldiron. Sea water in this area is very 
warm and because it has both in its south and north side cooler seas it is very windy. Ocassional
Ash clouds coming from Tragothar's volcanos cause black ash rains and heavy thunderstorms. Name of
the sea comes from capricious winds with often form tornados that travel over the surface of the
sea. Temperature in the sea varies between 26 and 42 degrees.


Eldiron is second largest continent in the Majik. Also Eldiron has its own climate specialities in
the Ghalimcar desert which is located in northeastern part of the continent and in Tragothar which
has large lava lakes and many active volcanos. However most part of the Eldiron concists of plains
decidous forest and grass fields which have warm climate. Temperature in the Eldiron is quite high
though most parts of it do not belong to tropical area.

5.0 Ghalimcar

Ghalimcar is region located in northeastern parts of Eldiron. It is  mixture of lush dark jungles
an extremely dry and rigid desert. Most northeastern parts belong to monsone area and have great 
amount of rainfall and heavy storms that shake outer regions of jungles especially in summer when
monsone winds blow towards to inland. However inside the dark jungles air  is always hot and stan
ding. Temperature in the jungle area varies between 36 and 54 degrees.  

Main body of Ghalimcar consists of large desert known as Desert of Brahjian. Weather in desert is
extremely unstable varying from burning sun shine to raging sand storms. Mountain Chains of Barad
and Harand prevent winds approaching from Sea of Niral and Sea of Tranis. However desert is cont 
rolled by some mysterious force which summons heavy winds from as far as Grey Ocean and causes hea
vy sand storms that can grow so strong that they are able tear flesh off from living beings. This
winds often carry sand far to the Lamarhen and even as far as Azure Lakes. Temperature in the de
sert remains always above 50 degrees but can raise over 70 degrees.

Those slopes of Chain of Harand and Bared facing towards Ghalimcar share same temperature and weat
her as the rest of desert. However both mountain ranges are very high and often have quite thick
layers of snow. Northern slopes of Harand often suffer full rage of summer monsone which cause hea
vy storms and rains which appear as snow in high mountains. Winters in Harand tend to be more cal
mer and weather clear because winter monsone from continent blows towards Sea of Niral. Chain of 
Bared is as high as its northern counterpart but has less rains making snow layer of the mountains

5.1 Thasia & Lamarhen

Thasia and its pristine forests have humid warm and rainy weather in summer which is caused by sum
mer monsone. Pristine forests are very thick and heavy monsone winds and rains are common only in
northern parts. However closeness of Azure lakes and Sea of Tailwind cause rains all around the 
year in plains of Areon and southern Pristine forest and they exists mostly in autumn or winter. 
Average temperature in the north remains almost whole year above 20 degrees but drops in south whe
re it varies between 16 and 29 degrees.

Mountains of Umalin are mountain range in northern Lamarhen. They are quite low mountains and only
highest peaks have layer of snow in them. Slopes facing towards Lamarhen have same warm humid weat
her as in the rest of Lamarhen but northern slopes, like slopes of Harand, often suffer full rage
of summer monsone which cause heavy storms and rains. However because weather is cooler in the
southern Lamarhen rains and winds remain mostly in the mountains except when weather gets very hot
in Lamarhen. Average temperature in the mountains varies between -8 and 24.

Deep and cool Lamarhen lakes keep weather cool and damp in Lamarhen and in other areas around them. 
After sun has warmed surface waters of the lakes whole day glittering mist starts appearing in the
evening. When rays of decenting sun hit mist it shatters in thousands of colors. This effect is es
pecially strong in autumn and winter and especially in Azure lakes. Lake of Memories is surrounded 
by thicker layer of mist because of tiny sand parcticles coming from Desert of Ghalimcar. This ef
fect rarely exists in midwinter which are time of heavy rains. Winds are common in surroundings of
lakes but they are usually quite weak. Average temperature in Lamarhen and around its lakes varies
between 18 and 26. Northern and southwestern parts have more warmer weather than middle and eas
tern parts.

5.2 Gwelthor

Gwelthor is a sub-tropical area located south from Ghalimcar. The land is quiet and peaceful, and
the quiet sea of tranis washes up against the southern shore, bringing all it's warmth with it.
Over on the western side of the region, a shimmering mist drifts over occasionally from the is 
land of Osthel, and the colder Grey Ocean brings its winds. The Lake of Petrels is cool and refres
hing and it, together with Grey Ocean and Sea causes rains in the area. 

Weather in Gwelthor changes from time to time but remains usually clear around the year. Only when
clouds arrive directly from Grey Ocean and Sea of Tranis weather turns to rainy in whole area ot
herwise winds and hilly terrain break clouds before rain can exist. Rain appears mostly in sout
hern slopes of Chain of Bared and tends to be slightly mo re common in winter. Average temperature 
in the area varies between 18 and 26 degrees because of cooling oceans.

5.3 Valiar & Areon

Valiar is a beautiful forest area located in western part of Eldiron. Weather in the area remains
sunny and calm around the year except in those times when gentle rain move over the Woods of Repen
tance. For its location weather in the Valiar is very calm having only gentle winds breezing from
Sea of Tailwind and Lamarhen lakes. Temperature in the area is always mild, not too cold or too 
hot. Temperature changes in the area are smallest in the whole Majik, only few degrees. Average 
temperature varies between 18 and 26 degrees.

When one crossess river of Valiar he arrives in the land of Areon. Weather in the northern region
is familiar to one in Thasia. Closeness of Lamarhen lakes causes rains which cool winds carry in 
fields of the decreased. Warm rain soaks with ash coming from the volcanos and when cool air hits
together with warm volcanic ash clouds it causes extremely heavy thunder storms in the area. Ave 
rage temperature in the northern Areon changes between 18 and 26 degrees but raises in the fields
of the decreased to over 30 degrees. 

5.4 Nin'Calaris & Danheir

Lamarhen lakes keep weather cool and damp also in Nin'Calaris. Weather in Nin'Calaris is quite sa
me as in valiar except it has occasionally heavy storms. Normally gentle winds from Azure lakes 
and Sea of Tranis breeze across the whole area, they also cause refreshing rains from time to time
but usually winds cause thin cloud cover to dissipate before it can form larger rain clouds. How
ever when winds blow from Tragothar they sometimes bring ash and warmer air in the western regions
which causes thunder and rainstorms which cause darkish rain because of ash. Average temperature 
in the area varies between 18 and 26 degrees. 

Danheir area has very strong winds and warm climate. Strong winds mostly breeze from surrounding 
seas especially from sea of Tranis and Sea of Flames. However area doesn't have much rain because
of strong winds which break most of the clouds before they can enter in the area. This area has of
ten rains but it doesn't suffer from ash because winds blow mostly from other directions than Tra
gothar. Average Temperature in the area varies between 28 and 40. Northern parts have more cooler
weather than southern parts.

5.5 Tragothar & Althainon

Tragothar and Althainon are most southern of the known regions. Weather in the Tragothar and its 
wastes is always hot and dry because of large lava lakes. Whole area is often covered ash clouds
which are fed by many active volcanos. Thick ash clouds remain in the area for high Cawing and Pu
mice mountains block all winds that could arrive from the sea. Thick clouds efficiently reflect 
all warmth back to ground making Tragothar a hellish place to live. Average temperature in the was
tes remains always above 50 degrees. Temperature can raise over 100 degrees in the ash clouds.

Pumice and Cawing mountains are two high mountain ranges which cover the waste of Burning Ash. The
se mountains have many active volcanos which from time to time erupt causing large temperature dif
ferences in the whole Eldiron. When volcano erupts average temperature in the whole Eldiron and 
surrounding seas raises with 2 to 3 degrees for few months or so. Most volcanos also burst large 
ash clouds which winds coming from Sea of Tailwind and Sea of Flames pack against seaside slopes
of mountains or over the Tragothar wastes. Ocassionally these clouds can travel futher in land or
to seas bringing thunder storms, ash rains and hot air within. Needless to say, weather in the 
mountains is very dry and even highest peaks are almost complete snowless. Temperature in the 
mountains remains between -2 and 50 degrees.

Gorr are is often under lava flows of erupting mountains which travel lazily towards sea. This ma
kes weather in the area hot and closenes of Tailwind and Sea of Flames makes weather very stormy 
and windy. However Gorr usually manages to escape most ash clouds for heavy winds make them dissi
pate quite quickly. Average temperature in the Gorr is always above 35 degrees.

Also Althainon suffers often from ash clouds and thunderstorms. Closenes of southern Lamarhen la
kes and sea together with hot air coming from Tragothar makes Althainon one of the most stormy 
places in Majik. Black rain storms travel over its flat terrain and whole area is often covered 
from sun by thick layer of ash. However, volcanic land in the area is very fertile and flourishes
with quickly growing plants, quickly growing because thick clouds tend to kill all plants that re
quire sun light and frequent black ash tornados tear vegetation from the ground. Weather near La 
marhen lakes and Nin'Calaris calms quickly and storms became rare. Average temperature in the west 
remains above 30 degrees but near lakes it remains close to 20 degrees.

5.6 Sea of Flames

Sea of Flames is a sea area located south from Eldiron. It is in area which has heavy volcanic ac
tivity and its water have speciality which is rarely seen in any other seas - water is so hot due
volcanic activity and hot gasses that it is actually often boiling. Weather in the sea is stormy
and very often rainy. Water has that same darkish color as eastern parts of Omnious ocean and Sea
of Tailwind. Sea is also known of whirlpools which form due underwater earthquakes, whirlpools of
ten (ennakoida) heavy volcanic eruption either in undersea or in Pumice mountains. Temperature in
the sea varies between 50 and 80 degrees. Temperature of water remains over 30 degrees but eathqua
kes or underwater eruptions can raise it to over 100 degrees.

5.7 Sea of Tranis

The Sea of Tranis is a calm, warm sea, sheltered by a chain of volcanic islands which surround it,
known as the Crescent Isles because of the shape of the chain. The waters are fairly shallow and 
have strong currents. Weather is windy but rain is rare because strong winds prevent clouds from
forming. Average temperature in the sea and cresent isles remains above 30 degrees.

Osthel is an island located between the Sea of Tranis and the Gray Ocean. It has warm, calm clima
te and no no rain seems to ever appear in the area. Sun always shines, but still, especially nort
hern parts seem to be covered in silvery mist or shadow. Average temperature in the isle remains 
close to 25 degrees all around the year.

5.8 Gray Ocean

Gray Ocean is cool deep sea area located in eastern parts of known Majik. Weather in the Ocean re
mains cool and cloudy even when its warm in nearby continental area. Winds are common and thick 
cloudcover remains always in the area but rain is rare in the ocean itself though it is common in
nearby continental areas. Average temperature in the Gray Ocean remains below 20 degrees even in
most southern parts.

5.9 Outer Sea

Outer Sea is located in southeastern part of known world. Unlike in other large ocean areas, weat
her in the Outer Sea is quite warm. This is because warm water approaches from both Sea of Flames
and Sea of Tranis. Outer Sea is also quite shallow when compated to other large oceans. Weather in
the ocean is windy and humid and it often has fair amount of rain which is more common in summer.
Heavy storms are rare except near the volcanic isle of Borak which has often heavy thunder storms.
Average temperature in the Outer sea and Borak remains near 25 degrees all around the year.

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