Important, Graphics meeting

Subject: Important, Graphics meeting
From: Jonathan Koehn (
Date: Tue Aug 01 2000 - 23:55:12 EEST

Graphics Meeting
Hello Id like you to attend a Graphics meeting on IRC channel majikmeeting on ircnet.
Same net as majik channel is on.
I request that all of the Graphics team should attend. From other teams as well would be nice
some of the questions may help with design etc.
The meeting will be held on 8-2-00 at 8:30pmEET Finland time.
The meeting will cover things about the new graphics engine.
And possibly more design related such as how many things to be 3d and about the heightmap
such as caves mountain passes etc.
Hopefully this meeting will answer many of the gfx questions that youve been wanting to ask.
Also there is some documentation for the new graphics engine. 
So please all from gfx please come. Thanks.

If you cant make it please make sure to email me.
Also if you can come please email me as well so I can give you the password for the meeting.
For those of you who cant attend we will hopefully have some answers to email to you thanks.

Current Attendants

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