Re: where the kids have seen things that we ain't never seen

Subject: Re: where the kids have seen things that we ain't never seen
From: McDuff (
Date: Tue Jul 06 1999 - 20:41:00 EEST

>Right, not exactly remote but collectively avoided for various reasons
>of which the least is not the presence of my temple. But you do have a
>point there, I'd imagine the Necrolytes wouldn't enjoy being squeezed
>between the elves and the trolls.
>Right, Nabor Thaan is fine but I still think they shouldn't live in the
>volcanic areas, more like in the eastern peninsula. Who occupies the
>city of Eterra btw?

At the moment, nobody.  It will probably end up being a settlement of the
same people who trail across the Black Waste and have the settlements in
there, unless you have other plans for it...

>I'd like that there would be a little information about Necrolytes among
>the more "illuminated" races such as the elves and certain human tribes,
>and orcs naturally because of the geographical closeness of the
>Necrolyte areas. This is simply because if no-one would know about
>Necrolytes they would serve no purpose, and I'd like Necrolytes to play
>a fairly important part in the world of Majik, at least more important
>than being a mere curiosity. They deserve it because of their
>originality and potential. But as far as the players are concerned, they
>should NOT be aware of the existence of the Necrolyte race nor the
>location of the Necrolyte areas without having to work for them, ie.
>they are a secret race for people to discover as they play.

I'll just leave it as a "sense of forboding" or something then.  We can
decide on how people find out later - sacred texts or something.


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