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Subject: Re: Reporting
From: Mikkonen Jani (
Date: Tue Dec 14 1999 - 12:11:00 EET

Atte Koivula:
| > > Why is Brethel adding new cities anyway? Don't designers have total
| > > with things like cities in their own regions?
| >
| > Yes they do. I think we have a slight misunderstanding here, I think
| > Brethel should only make a generic map of the world without cities in it
| > for now. The cities should be made on the map according to the area
| > descriptions and earlier ideas.
| >

You are right. I actually meant burned forests/new badlands/craters/ruins and
such _places_ by saying: I will place some new places and cities on the map,
which may take place in your areas.
However, we need cities and mostly smaller villages which suffered by the
cataclysm. The present map is
quite empty and I'm going to add some cities/villages only to my areas which
are Thalamon and Dardalon now (when designers have finished _all_
cities/villages, they are placed on map). On the other hand some
regions contain too much cities (and are maybe too populated: over 50.000 or
100.000 citizens sounds too big to me. Of course there isn't 100.000+ citizens
after the clysm, but there is hundreds of empty houses :P much work, eh?)

Still I'm waiting for information which forests, lakes, mountains, present
cities etc. are important to your designs, so that I wont burn all trees from
Sol'daran, for example

- Brethel -

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