Re: new mailing lists

Subject: Re: new mailing lists
From: Otso Mäkinen (
Date: Sun May 16 1999 - 22:54:07 EEST

Tommi Leino wrote:
> majik-announce      All major announcements are posted here. Only the core
>                     development team can post announcements here. Very
>                     low-volume list and everyone is encouraged to subscribe
>                     to this list. Everyone can read this list.
> majik-design        A mailing list for the designers and graphic artist of
>                     the project. No automatic susbcription is possible,
>                     the one needs to send a message to majik-helpdesk and
>                     ask for subscription. Everyone can read this list.
> majik-development   A mailig list for the developers of the project. Those
>                     who do the code. Subscription is possible for only the
>                     few who have send patches or are actively coding
>                     something for the project. Everyone can read this list.
> majik-helpdesk      This address is meant for those who don't wish to
>                     subscribe to majik-users and just want to ask some
>                     questions or any questions that should be directed only
>                     to the core development team. No other else can read
>                     this list. This is formerly known as the
>            which is still working.
> majik-users         A mailing list for the "users" of Majik, a generic
>                     mailing list for any kind of talk somehow related to
>                     Majik. Users can ask here questions, whine about
>                     problems and such. Everyone can read and subscribe
>                     to this list.
> Whines?
One addition:

majik-whine           Anyone can send messages, but no one can subscribe
or read the list.

- Harum

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